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At Wetherby Prep, we believe that healthy boys need daily physical activity. Using the indoor studio at Seymour Leisure Centre behind the school and the extensive pitches and facilities at Wetherby Sports Ground, 20 minutes from the School, we ensure that boys develop their football, rugby and cricket skills. In addition to traditional sports, the school offers badminton, tennis, cross country running, rock climbing, table tennis, fencing and rowing on a weekly basis. Although we always field a strong and competitive side against other schools, we endeavour to include all boys who are willing to represent the school during the season. The boys are encouraged to work individually and as part of a team, relating both cooperatively and competitively with others. Rugby tours to Ireland and South Africa are eagerly anticipated annual events. ‘Colours’ ties are coveted by all budding sportsmen in the school and a ‘Sportsman of the Week’ trophy is awarded to the boy who has shown leadership, sportsmanship or a particularly noteworthy attitude.