tradition and values

Wetherby Preparatory School opened its doors to pupils for the first time in September 2004, building upon the tradition, ethos and success of the long-established Wetherby School. Through developing and nurturing the individual, we prepare the boys for the next step in their educational careers.  The boys enjoy the opportunities offered to them in sports, music and the arts as we strive for a balance between the academic and creative parts of the curriculum.  The boys thrive in the company of their peers and benefit from the friendly, supportive and good-humored environment of the school.

Wetherby Preparatory School aims to develop our boys’ intellectual, physical, social and moral selves, preparing them for a wide range of senior schools and providing firm foundations for successful, balanced and accomplished adult lives. Our aims might be summarised in the following statements:

  • Effective and consistent pastoral care contributes to a happy environment in which Wetherby Prep boys thrive. This is achieved through the provision of:
  •  Approachable Form Tutors and staff who know our boys individually.
  • Regular communication with parents, informing them of their son’s progress.
  • Regular assemblies, providing a forum for whole-school recognition of our boys’ wide-ranging achievements, guest speakers and an act of communal reflection.

An appropriate academic curriculum raises Wetherby boys’ aspirations. This is achieved by:

  • Subject teachers with outstanding commitment, subject knowledge and experience.
  • Careful setting for all, with scholarship classes for the more academic, enabling our boys to excel and raise their aspirations for future senior schools.
  • Offering sensitive, specialist support for those who require it and advice on SEN matters.
  • Guidance on appropriate choices of senior schools.

An extensive range of clubs, sporting activities and visits motivates Wetherby Prep boys to develop sporting, social and leisure interests, together with attitudes that will hold them in good stead for adult life. Such skills include:

  • The ability to work individually and as part of a team, relating both cooperatively and competitively with others.
  • Striving to win at sports or other competitions, yet applauding the victor with sincerity when we do not.
  • The confidence to offer and accept constructive criticism.
  • Valuing one’s abilities, interests and ideas, together with those of others.