At Wetherby Prep School we prepare the pupils for 13+ Scholarship and Common Entrance examinations, plus the 11+ pre-test examinations. In addition to the formal testing, we also employ the ISEB pre-testing, CATS testing and the recent Progress in Maths testing, all done electronically. This results in the pupils attending some of the best schools in the country.

The classes are streamed from Year 4 upwards. This enables the classes to be small and personable and ensuring that each pupil works at the correct pace.

To enhance the class lessons, we also offer Scholarship and revision classes for Year 8. A weekly Lower and Upper Maths Challenge and Wetherby enters teams for the annual Maths Challenges, such as the UKMT/Primary Maths Challenge and various competitions. Regular problem solving helps to promote the use of imagination and logic in Maths.

Mathematics at Wetherby covers all the traditional topics, some that have remained unchanged for centuries ex Geometry, Algebra, Percentages and Statistics. But to keep these disciplines up to date and interesting, we endeavour to add relevancy to each topic. This helps to enthuse and spark interest.

Our aim is to not only to ensure that each pupil is accepted into their chosen school, but also that self-confidence and interest is achieved in a subject that merits the title “Queen of the Sciences” indispensable to all the rest.

Andrew Gascoine
Head of Maths