In the Lower School, the scheme of work follows the new National Curriculum guidelines and exceeds the requirements for the delivery of the Science curriculum in order to achieve success, both at the end of each Key Stage and at Common Entrance. In the Upper School, the scheme of work follows the QCA guidelines. As a subject, Science incorporates thinking skills in lessons and schemes of work. The following strategies are employed to develop pupils’ understanding and scientific knowledge: speaking, creative and critical thinking, reflective learning and independent enquiry. The Science Department’s ethos is that pupils should be experiencing enquiry based learning. This is accomplished with the support of a fully-stocked modern Prep Room and a qualified Science Technician. Wetherby boys are expected to design creative scientific questions, investigate and communicate their findings. All classes take place in one of three fully equipped Science laboratories.

The Science department is proud to provide trips and workshop opportunities across the different year groups. This year includes:

• Hyde Park Learning Centre
• Virtual Reality Workshop
• Wellington College ‘Chemistry Spectacular Show’
• Science Dome Workshop
• Caverne du Pont’Darc, France
• A Masterclass Workshop with Dr Sheila Kanani
• All Year Groups: Science Fair during Science Week

Emily Casserly
Head of Science