school council

School Council is a lively and enjoyable forum for discussion. The boys are active stakeholders at Wetherby, providing an extra network of communication throughout the school. Topics in the school council meetings range from starting up new after-school clubs to choosing the end of term theme for the Headmaster’s fancy dress! The meetings are held every two weeks and chaired by the Head Boy, whilst the Prefects record the minutes. These minutes are then emailed out to staff to comment and respond to as well as being passed on to the Headmaster for discussion.

At the beginning of every academic year, each form elects their School Council representative with a very close vote in some forms. The election manifestos the boys present are both passionate and persuasive which just shows the competition for a much coveted position on the School Council.

Some off the new initiatives brought about from the boys include:

  • Designing the school lunch menu for a week
  • Olives and jalapenos at lunchtime
  • Designing and implementing ‘hoodies’
  • Parents visiting form time
  • New clubs; Basketball, Film Review and Ten Pin Bowling

Please click the link below to see the most recent minutes from a School Council meeting