school partnerships

Wetherby Preparatory School has an excellent partnership with St Mary’s Bryanston Square, a local primary school based just around the corner from us. The partnership reflects our strong belief in the value of educational partnerships and an ongoing commitment to sharing good practice and resources with the local community. Different departments have benefitted from this partnership and the collaboration between the schools has allowed the exchange of ideas and interests which ultimately benefits both staff and pupils.

It has been wonderful to strengthen the link between the two schools over the past year.


Year 6 attended an exhilarating Classics event at our campus, here in Marylebone, on Roman Gladiators and Ancient Greek Drama. Year 6 boys enjoyed an exciting event about Greek and Roman Mythology instructed by 8 students from the renowned Classics Department of the University of Oxford. This has been an excellent chance for the boys to attend drama workshops and familiarise themselves with the Roman Gladiators, the famous arenas as well as the work of the Ancient Greek Playwrights such as Aeschylus. The event included visual art, craftwork and drama, leading to a fun performance in the form of a Roman Amphitheatre. The boys enjoyed designing their own Gladiator packs and they familiarized themselves with various weapons the ancient Romans used as well as the various strategies they applied in wars.

Furthermore, the pupils challenged themselves by learning how to write on clay their names with the Greek Alphabet and learned how to perform in the manner of the chorus from one of the most well-known ancient Greek plays, the “Oresteia” by Aeschylus, which was staged with huge success in London a few months ago. Oxford University staff ran the workshops in collaboration with the Classics Department at Wetherby. The boys also enjoyed the tea break between the two workshops with lots of fruits, sweets and cakes.


The Games department organised a touch rugby tournament at Wetherby Sports Ground. Year 6 St Mary’s boys and girls were picked up from their school and taken to the sports ground where a fun filled and competitive afternoon playing against our own boys awaited them.