art and dt

Lower School Art provides boys with a wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide array of media. The boys have the opportunity to work with traditional media such as paint and pastels, but also learn a number of printing techniques and 3D processes. They will also have the opportunity to learn about artists from past and present.

Their work is showcased in the annual Lower School Art Exhibition, which takes place during the Summer Term. As well as this, their work is submitted to external competitions and exhibitions throughout the year.

Upper School Art encourages boys to develop their skills in drawing, painting, printing and sculpture producing work inspired by artists such as Louise Bourgeois to Henri Matisse.

Pupils who show a high level of skill and additional interest in Art have the opportunity to attend an ‘Advanced Artists’ class. These pupils will develop a sketchbook and portfolio of work that could be used towards an Art scholarship portfolio.

All boys in Year 8 will have their work displayed in the ‘Farewell to Wetherby Prep’ art exhibition at the end of the Summer Term.

Katie Clifford
Head of Art and D.T.