art and dt

In the Art Department we develop individual creativity through our wealth of resources and expertise. We provide tuition in a wide range of media; painting, 3D design, woodwork, clay modelling, wire modelling, screen printing, pastel work, ink studies and lino reduction printing. Art work is placed into context, Old Masters are taught alongside modern artists. Art Theory is explored and we delve into the artists’ motivations behind the works that we study.

The Art and Design Syllabus are relevant to the current offer within London-based museums and galleries. Whenever possible, the class work is enhanced by visiting external workshops and exhibitions. Professional artists sometimes visit the Art Room, giving us a valuable insight into the life of an artist and illustrating contemporary practice. Our Advanced Artists Programme further develops an individual’s potential by building a portfolio for an Art Scholarship application to senior schools.

The potential is maximised for Art and Design, together with Music and Drama, to enhance all subjects. Projects are designed to encompass a range of concepts and themes and to integrate across the school. For example in Year 3, the Egyptian project will work alongside History, Science and IT and will take the class to the British Museum.

The Art department offers a range of weekly after school clubs; formal drawing, arts and crafts and the architecture club.

In the Art Room we encourage peer work and support each other to develop ideas and to grow as artists. We adopt a studio style environment allowing for personal creative journeys and collaborative practice to be explored, extending a sense of empathy and expanding our problem solving skills.

Ria Kirby
Head of Art and D.T.