The aim of the Geography Department in the Junior School is to provide each boy with an enjoyable geographical experience, to nurture a positive attitude towards the subject and to encourage a sense of curiosity and awe about the world around us.

In Years 3, 4 and 5 the boys learn basic geographical concepts and skills that will be further reinforced as they move further through the school.

Throughout the five years, global location knowledge is constantly reinforced in the lessons as well as an appreciation of the changing environment in which we live.

A junior atlas would be a fantastic resource to have at home. There are also a number of interactive online resources to improve global location knowledge.

The Geography Common Entrance programme at Wetherby Prep aims to encourage the boys to use a range of geographical skills to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world. This includes: places, their locations and patterns; processes, including environmental change; and the concept of sustainable development.

In order to:

  • stimulate curiosity about the world;
  • introduce candidates to places, people and environments;
  • contribute to environmental awareness and education for sustainable development;
  • develop understanding of physical and human landscapes, and introduce candidates to different societies and cultures, enhancing awareness of global interdependence.

The Geography Common Entrance exam is comprised of three sections:

1)             Global Location (15 marks)

2)             OS Map Work (15 marks)

3)             Five Thematic Studies (50 marks)

In Year 6, the boys start to study the five thematic Common Entrance topics. Global Location and OS map work are weaved into the curriculum throughout Years 6 to 8.

Boys also complete a coursework element worth 20% of total Common Entrance marks.  Data is collected during the field trip to Slapton in Devon in Year 7 and then projects are written up and completed back at school at the beginning of Year 8

In 2014, ISEB introduced a slight change in the geography CE syllabus. This will not affect the current 8 boys. Year 6 and 7 will be taught the two new topics for their Common Entrance Examinations.